Hiring of The Jazz Cafe is subject to the following Terms & Conditions:

There may be different terms and conditions may apply throughout December, on Bank Holidays and on any other occasions as specified by The Jazz Café

Function Booking

  • Hiring is conditional upon the type of event and is subject to sensible drinking and any relevant licensing issues. Management reserve the right to refuse a booking for professional, health and safety, licensing or other business reasons. Paying a deposit constitutes agreeing to these terms and conditions, a copy of which are available from us on request. These Terms and Conditions may be adjusted on an individual basis as agreed to in writing by the management of The Jazz Café.
  • Hire Charge: This based upon the date and the timings, which include the use of the venue within the timings stated, use of the open with bar staff and door staff. This doesn’t include any sound equipment and stage lighting. However there can be an additional charge starts from £100 for Hire of equipment which can be refunded in five working days. This Hire Charge would be used towards any damages or other unforeseen costs that might occur during or as a result of the event esp. if there are under 21 years of old in the party.
  • The Jazz Cafe cannot guarantee your booking until the Hire Charge, Terms & Conditions and Booking Form have been accepted.
  • The Total Cost is payable four weeks prior to your function (unless otherwise arranged and confirmed in writing by us). You will be issued an Invoice detailing the individual charges. In case of not receiving the full payment, your booking may be cancelled and the deposit will be non-refundable.
  • Corkage: It is highly restricted to bring any wines, spirits, or beverage into the premises by or on behalf of any customers. This is for legal, health, licensing and trading standards reasons. We recommend you inform your guests of this. In case we find a customer carrying drinks from outside, they could be asked to leave.


  • DJ: You can hire our in-house DJ for your private function. The DJ plays a standard 4 hours at a cost starts from £195.00. There is a charge starts from £25 per additional hour. If you wish to bring your own DJ, he should get his own equipment. It will be your/the entertainment provider’s responsibility to ensure any PRS, PPL, electrical tests and necessary insurance etc is fulfilled.
  • Live music: If you would like to source your own provider for live music this must be approved by us in advance. We will require the contact details for the provider and we will need to discuss with them our licensing requirements etc in terms of sound and volume levels etc. It will be your/the entertainment provider’s responsibility to ensure any PRS, PPL, electrical tests and necessary insurance etc is fulfilled.


  • Subject to the nature of your party additional security measures may need to be implemented. This is typical for events where food is ancillary to the function or event and/or when young people are likely to be present. These costs must be met for by you and will form part of your total cost. Any persons carrying out a security activity will be licensed by the Security Industry Authority.
  • Age Verification Policy: Challenge 25: We reserve the right not to serve alcohol to any customer who appears to be under the age of 25 and fails to present valid identification to prove they are over 18.
  • Guest List: A guest list procedure may need to be implemented to control entry to your function or event. We will do our best to ensure your party is kept private and closed off to the public but will not be held responsible for any gate crashers/intruders. In exceptional circumstances needs of the business may necessitate use of your area by others.
  • Search Policy: The Jazz Cafe reserve the right to ask for supervised voluntary searches of customers upon entry or at any time during the function or event. Anyone not wanting to adhere to this may be disallowed entry or asked to leave.
  • Drugs Policy: We operate a Zero Tolerance drugs policy. Anyone found in possession of illegal substances will be reported to the police and asked to leave the premises. We reserve the right to call short a function if we suspect any kind of drugs activity.


  • The Jazz Café shall not be liable for any loss or damage to property owned by, or in the custody of, the Client or its guests, employees, agents or others. The Client is advised to arrange adequate insurance cover.
  • CLIENT’S LIABILITY FOR DAMAGE The Client shall be liable for any damage or loss (and costs or expenses thereby) suffered by The Jazz Café and caused by them or any guest, employee or agent of theirs whosesoever or howsoever arising.
  • A Damage Deposit of £1000 may be required in special circumstances such deposit to be paid at time of booking deposit and will be refunded within 7 days of the event providing no damage to venue, staff, property or theft has occurred during the event- however caused.


  • You will lose your deposit if you cancel a booking 180 days before the event, after that date the following charges will apply upon cancellation of a function: Up to 12 weeks’ notice: 100% of Total Cost
  • In case of rescheduling of the Game on the day of the event, we will notify you immediately and give you some alternative options. You will need to let us know in 48 hours if you would like to choose the alternative option or get your full deposit back.


  • The organisers of the function will be held responsible for their guests and their conduct. We reserve the right to remove intoxicated guests from our premises. The Jazz Cafe also reserves the right to call short a function if guests do not act responsibly. Any deliberate damages and breakages during the event will be billed to the organiser.
  • CCTV is in full operation on the premises. If Guests are identified removing any items belonging to The Jazz Cafe, the management will contact the client for the return of the items or payment to the value of the items which were taken off the premises. Matters will be taken to the Police if necessary.
  • The Jazz Cafe takes every measure to comply with all legal legislation. The Jazz Cafe ask you and your guests to fully support our promotion of the following four licensing objective: the prevention of crime and disorder; the prevention of public nuisance; public safety; the protection of children from harm.
  • Please sign and return one copy and keep the other for your records.

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