5 Music Event Theme Ideas

5 Music Event Theme Ideas

If you’re thinking of hosting a music event, but need a little inspiration, read on!

Music Festival

Music festivals are always a lot of fun to attend, so why not theme your next music event round this idea? We’re not suggesting that you hire a muddy field and ask everyone to wear wellies, but you could take certain aspects of a festival and bring them indoors.

Decorate the venue with bunting and create your own rustic-looking table plan and décor. Set the stage just like one you might find at Glastonbury and make sure you’ve got plenty of drinks! For food, if your venue allows, why not serve a more street party style buffet?

Battle of the Bands

Why not give local artists the chance to showcase their talents with a battle of the bands type event?

Local people will enjoy watching local bands perform, whilst you also benefit from plenty of different music types. If you want to encourage some friendly competition and audience participation, why not ask for votes?

Charity Fundraiser

Whether you work for a charity yourself or if you’d like to raise some money for a charity close to your heart, hosting a charity fundraising event with live music is certain to draw crowds in.

Our advice is to ensure you pick the right artist for your event. If you’re hosting a formal, black tie event then a well-established band may be better suited for your audience, alternatively if you’re throwing more of a party, then make sure you have a DJ that can keep the dancefloor packed!

An Intimate Gig

If you’re short on space and time, why not host an intimate gig instead?

Intimate gigs give artists the opportunity to interact with the audience as they are on such a small scale. These connections can really enhance the audience’s experience and make for a fantastic event. Why not host your intimate gig in your local pub, bookshop or cafe?

Christmas Carols

Now, Christmas carols may not be everyone’s choice of festive fun, but why not mix it up with some modern songs too?

People of all ages can enjoy your event if you mix some classic carols with the modern greats, Mariah Carey we’re looking at you, and why not serve mulled wine and mince pies to get people in the Christmas spirit!

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