Why Music Is So Important

Why Music Is So Important

It doesn’t matter whether it’s jazz, reggae or pop music, whatever genre of music you love, music is such a big part of our lives. It evokes emotion in us, bringing back memories and helping us to create new ones. Music can be found on TV shows, films, adverts, at sporting events and on social media – it is quite literally everywhere, telling stories and feeding our hearts.

Here at The Jazz Café, music is something that we celebrate ten-fold. We never limit ourselves to one type of music. Even though jazz is in our name, we host live music events for all genres from jazz to soul to RnB to reggae. Our main passion and focus is to create fantastic live music events with incredible local talent for everyone to enjoy. Music for us is a form of escapism and we love seeing our guests who attend these events enjoying themselves, singing along and letting loose on the dancefloor. So, why not tell us why music is important to you?

Evoking Emotion

Music quite literally is the soundtrack of our lives. The happiest memories and the saddest will often be narrated by music. Think of walking down the aisle and having your first dance on your wedding day – one of the happiest days of your life. Then think of your first break up and listening to all those songs about heartbreak. Once those songs are used for a certain life event, whenever you then hear those tracks, you are instantly transported back to that time in your life with all of those emotions you were feeling at that time coming rushing back too.

We’re sure there are also artists and songs that say a family member used to love and when those songs are played, the memories of that person also return to you.

Some people enjoy feeling all those emotions all over again, others would prefer to skip the song, but whether it’s good or bad, we love that all it takes is a song to take you anywhere back in time!

Bringing People Together

Festivals, concerts, and intimate gigs…whatever scale it’s on, music is one of those incredible things that just brings people together.

Music festivals and live music events are a fantastic way to meet new people who already have a shared interest with you. With the setting being far more informal, it’s also far easier to talk to people and share in the experience together.

These events are also amazing, because you’ll discover different artists and bands that may never have heard of before. We’re thinking support acts and the many many different stages at music festivals.

Freedom of Expression

Music and dance go hand in hand. Sometimes it just feels good to let go and dance in your home on your own or let loose with your friends on a dancefloor without a care in the world. Expressing how you feel to the beat of the music.

Naturally, the same can be said for professional dancers who tell a story through dance from contemporary right through to street. The music that gets paired with the style of dance is so important to give the right overall impression of the story that they are portraying.

Of course, writing and creating music is also a form of expression, with music allowing artists to write lyrics and compose music exactly how they wish to deliver their story to the world. If music didn’t exist, there would be so many talented people in the world who wouldn’t be able to unleash their creativity and create music, song, and dance for us to enjoy.

All in all, music is so incredibly important, and we have a lot to thank the music industry for. If you would like to enjoy some live music, don’t forget to check our What’s On page on our website for our upcoming events.

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