3 Tips for a Mature Wedding

3 Tips for a Mature Wedding

If someone says that they’re attending a wedding, does your mind immediately think of a couple aged between 20-30? Typically, this age range is when people will start to get married, however what about those that have taken a little longer to find their love of their life or are marrying for the second or even third time?

A mature couple looking to tie the knot will naturally have different priorities for their wedding day simply because their situations may be different in regards to family life, and they have more life experience so know what they want and what’s important to them – neither are a bad thing whatsoever and can actually make wedding planning that bit easier!

So, if you’re a mature couple, read on to find out what our top 3 tips are. We hope you find them useful to your wedding planning!

Family Dynamics

There’s a fairly high chance that being a mature couple means that there are already children involved whether that’s from one or both sides of the relationship. These children may even be older and have children of their own, so there’s certainly lots of different people within the family to consider when planning your wedding.

One idea that we quite liked was mentioning your children in your vows. It makes them feel included and helps that little bit more with the integration of the two families, plus it adds a deeper meaning to the joining of your two families.

Destination Weddings

Mature weddings are all about doing what you want to do! So, there’s no surprise that mature couples opt to say their vows in far flung places around the world especially when it comes to second or third weddings. Often with mature couples, the ceremony will be intimate, or in this case abroad with just a witness and then back home in the UK you can throw a big party to celebrate!

We would love to recommend ourselves for your wedding reception and have the opportunity to show you round and talk about your wedding in more detail. We have the capacity for up to 240 guests, a chef that can create and cook amazing food and a well-stocked bar – all the ingredients for an amazing and memorable wedding reception.

Size Doesn’t Matter

As a mature couple you know what’s important to you and this could mean that you wish to spend your wedding day celebrating with only your nearest and dearest or this could mean that you want to go all out and throw an extravagant party.

The beauty of being older and having more life experience means you know exactly what will make you both happy which in turn lends itself to a more unique wedding day that reflects you both as a couple. Whether it’s a celebration with 20 or a large affair for 150, as long as you’re both happy that’s all that matters.

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