Show yourself more love using the power of music

Show yourself more love using the power of music

As February is the month most commonly associated with love, thanks to Valentine’s Day, we thought we’d share some self-love activities that you can do with music! Music is a very powerful medium. It can raise us up and also bring us down, so whether you’re looking to feel more motivated or decrease your stress, these self-love activities will be able to help do just that. Please read on to find out more and feel free to share your own musical self-love tips in the comments.

Work-out to your favourite hits

We had to start with a tried and tested method of feeling good, and that’s exercise! Being active releases chemicals in your brain that naturally make you feel good, boosting your self-esteem and helping you to concentrate and sleep better. We understand that sometimes going to the gym is difficult to fit into a busy schedule, or perhaps the gym just isn’t for you, but don’t worry, exercise can take many forms. So, go for a walk, do an online yoga class or head to the gym, whichever way you like to work out; do it your way and do it to your favourite songs. We guarantee you’ll feel a million times better afterwards.

Make a playlist

Whether you like to relax or whether you need a pick me up, make a playlist of those songs that make you feel those emotions. It has been scientifically proven that music can calm your nerves and lower your cortisol levels which both lead to reducing stress. If you are feeling particularly anxious, we suggest listening to tunes that are slightly slower in pace, as this will not only ground you, but calm your body which in turn will soothe your busy mind. Why not have multiple playlists for different moods?

Dance like nobody is watching!

Sometimes it just feels good to let loose! Pop your favourite track on, turn up the volume and just dance…

Make music

If you’re talented enough to be able to read music, let those creative juices flow and write your own! Making music has been known to release emotion (however you’re feeling), decrease anxiety and improve mental health.

Alternatively, if you play a musical instrument, why not set aside a couple of hours every week to solely focus on this? If you’ve always wanted to learn an instrument, what’s stopping you? There are so many benefits to learning an instrument not just in relation to self-love.

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