Why you should go and see live music

Why you should go and see live music

We miss live music! As we haven’t been able to host any live music events for over a year now, it’s really made us realise just how much we love it and what joy it can bring. Whether you like big 10-piece jazz bands or getting down on the dancefloor to a live DJ set; here’s just some of the reasons why you should go and see live music – as soon as you can!


Something we could all do with this year! People listen to music to feel happy and good about themselves and live music really hits another note when it comes down to boosting your mood. Streaming music is great, but when you can see the emotion on your favourite artist’s face and can really feel the vibe through the lyrics; nothing else compares. Sing at the top of your voice and dance like your life depends on it. However you like to express your joy when you’re watching and listening to live music, we say go for it!

Let’s get social

Music brings people together. Music doesn’t care for your age, gender, or ethnicity. Everyone is there at that concert for one reason and one reason only – the music. It’s amazing who you’ll meet at live gigs; all of you sharing one mutual love for the music and artist/band. As everyone is a fan, you can talk to anybody about the artist, dance with them to their popular songs and make real life connections with people you wouldn’t necessarily have met. Isn’t that an incredible thing?


It’s no secret that music can bring back old memories and take you back to a moment in your life that you associate with a particular song. Going to a concert and seeing music performed live is definitely an inspiring experience, especially if one the songs takes you back to your youth for example and you remember how you were feeling back then in that time of your life. It could be happy memories, or even sad ones, but either way you’re likely to feel inspired and it will make you appreciate just how far you’ve come as person or. it’ll remind you of your aspirations and what you wanted to do and inspire you to go and do them!

Some people may also feel inspired to learn a musical instrument of their own just from watching someone else play theirs and having a good time.

New songs and new artists

Quite often artists will try out new songs at live gigs to see how the audience reacts to them – and who doesn’t want to hear a brand-new song from their favourite artist? Artists often talk about their new song too before they perform it, so you’re really going to get an insight into their process and why they wrote that song. We think hearing that first-hand is far better than listening to an interview on YouTube a couple of months after the songs been released. And let’s not forget that if you go and see a band or artist live, they will have support acts. These are usually up and coming artists and we’re all for hearing new music and fresh sounds from new talent!

Making memories

One of our favourite reasons we encourage you to go out and see live music is to make memories. We’ve spent so much of our time indoors recently that going out and creating in-person connections and experiences with other people is so important and something we’ve all been lacking. Take photos, dance the night away and sing so loudly that you lose your voice the next day – we LOVE live music.

Are you planning on seeing a live gig this year? If you are, let us know who you’re going to see in the comments.

We have some live music events scheduled for later in the year that we really hope will be able to go ahead. For more information on What’s On at The Jazz Café, please visit the What’s On section on our website: https://www.thejazzcafe.co.uk/alleventslist

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